Active B Vitamins (Homocysteine Complex)
  I could promise to eat more vegetables, but taking HS Fighters was a promise I could keep.  
Fights Homocysteine, the "New Cholesterol":
Inspired by Nutrition Research
Active Ingredients
Manufactured to GMP Standards
Natural Folate, not Folic Acid  (Read More)
  • 800 mcg (1,333 mcg DFE) of 100% bioactive Metafolin┬«
  • The body's preferred form of folate
  • Does not accumulate in the body like folic acid
  • Only form of folate able to cross the blood-brain barrier
BioActive B12+, not Ordinary B12  (Read More)
  • 1000 mcg of 100% high-absorption Methylcobalamin
  • Requires no extra steps to reduce homocysteine
  • Only form of B12 found in the brain
Vitamin B6
  • 30 mg of Pyridoxine HCl
  • Helps convert homocysteine into a powerful antioxidant

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