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Let's Clear Up The Confusion:
Folic Acid versus Bioactive Folate

Even if your daily diet doesn't include 6-8 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, you can still give your body the form of folate it prefers most. HS Fighters Active B Vitamins™ are made with BioAactiv Folate™ (an ingredient so unique, it's patented) --- the naturally occurring active form of folate you get every time you eat green leafy vegetables. Understanding the difference between Folic Acid and Bioactive Folate is important, so please continue reading...

Are You Converting Folic Acid to Active Folate?

Folic acid is often labeled folate or folicin. However, none of these are the active form of folate (known as L-5-MTHF or l-methylfolate) your body can absorb and put to work. It takes four separate biochemical reactions for your body to turn folic acid into active folate:

Conversion of folic acid into active folate is frequently disrupted by genetic factors, age-related problems and metabolic obstacles.

Up to 40% of adults are affected by an inherited genetic trait that limits the amount of folic acid converted to the active form of folate our body prefers.

Take More Folic Acid?

Some people try to overcome the obstacles to transforming folic acid by taking doses of 800 mcgs or higher. Transformation of folic acid into active folate falls off after ingesting 200 mcg, and is saturated at doses in the region of 400 mcg. When folic acid fails to be converted to active folate it remains in the bloodstream for days, even weeks at a time. Nutrition researchers are investigating whether "unused" folic acid in the bloodstream actually blocks the absorption of folate from natural sources such as green leafy vegetables.


If testing your blood and cell tissue to confirm your active folate status doesn't thrill you, here's an intelligent alternative: let your body bypass the four-step conversion of folic acid by giving your body the exact form of folate it prefers and can immediately absorb -- the BioActive Folate in HS Fighters Active B Vitamins™.

The decision to exclude folic acid from the HS Fighters Active B Vitamins formula, in favor of high-absorption BioActive Folate™, was made for these key reasons:

  • BioActiv Folate™ is the naturally occurring form of folate your body prefers
  • BioActiv Folate™ bypasses obstacles to absorbing folic acid and does not accumulate in the blood like folic acid
  • BioActiv Folate™ is so unique, the ingredient is protected under law by a U.S. Patent (as Metafolin®)
  • BioActiv Folate™ has been safety tested as a dietary ingredient and registered with the FDA (as Metafolin®)
  • BioActiv Folate™ is produced by a world leader in folate nutrition

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