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What Are Bioactive Vitamins?

To maintain a healthy level of homocysteine, your body must accomplish two biochemical tasks.

1. Absorb adequate amounts of Folate, B12 and B6

2. Transform absorbed Folate, B12 and B6 into the active forms capable of metabolizing homocysteine

Compared to the ingredients commonly found in multivitamins or B-complex formulas, the high-absorption bioactive forms (also known as coenzymes) of Folate and B12:

  • Bypass genetic, age-related and metabolic obstacles
  • Require fewer steps to be absorbed and utilized by the body
  • Are the body's preferred form for metabolizing homocysteine
  • Significantly reduces excretion of unabsorbed nutrients

HS Fighters Active B Vitamins™ provide patented Active Folate and Bioactive B12. Read about HS Fighters™ Ingredients and Quality Assurance.

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The Bioactive Folate
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